Do you fancy GUARANTEED income from your property?

If you're currently a landlord and experiencing issues with voids, losing money, high maintenance costs, poor tenants etc, how about someone else taking over for you and offering you GUARANTEED incoming every month?  How about any of the below benefits;


  • No empty periods
  • No missed or late payments
  • No tenant queries or management
  • Guaranteed start date
  • Same day rent payments
  • Tenants vetted & carefully chosen
  • Maintenance service included
  • Internal condition guaranteed


Sounds too good to be true? Well it's not!  


Please get in touch with us to discuss.

Tired Landlord?

Are you fed up with the constant pressure of finding tenants?


Are you finding that at every budget the government is introducing more changes impacting your properties?


Here at PrimoPropertySolutions we could have the answer!


Please contact us below, to discuss how we could help you.



Retiring Landlord?

Are you getting to the point where you'd like to hand over the keys to someone else, but still keep the property and gain from its increase in value?


Being a landlord can be hard work. Sometimes you just want to hand over the stress to someone else and enjoy some quality time when retiring.


If you are reviewing your portfolio and would like to discuss ideas on how we may be able to help you, please contact us below.



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