Welcome to PrimoPropertySolutions

PrimoPropertySolutions is a private, family run business that finds solutions to help you move on with your life.


Whether you are needing to sell your home quick, or you are a landlord wanting someone else to take over and offer a guaranteed income, we have solutions that can help.


We pride ourselves in offering a Friendly, Personal, Ethical and Confidential service to work with people to solve any property related issues.


We are NOT estate agents and we are NOT a national home buyer company!


We're looking forward to helping you solve your issues!


Call Nicola or Andrew now, for an informal chat on 01234 552016


Or email us at andrew@primopropertysolutions.co.uk or nicola@primopropertysolutions.co.uk

Friendly and Personal

We are a family run business, priding ourselves on our personal and friendly approach.


Nicola and Andrew are here to help with any property related issues.




Yes, we are running a business, but the primary reason for us starting this business was to try and help others, ensuring we are looking for solutions where everyone wins!



We understand that when times are difficult, especially where your home is involved, confidentiality is key. 


Contact Nicola or Andrew now, for an informal, confidential chat.


We are also more than happy to arrange visits where we can come and discuss face to face.



Call Nicola or Andrew now, for an informal chat on 01234 552016.


Or email us at nicola@primopropertysolutions.co.uk or andrew@primopropertysolutions.co.uk

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